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Romantic RestaurantHere at Eleven Eleven Mississippi, we know that finding the ideal romantic restaurant in St. Louis is important to relationships, new and old! When looking to take your loved one out for a romantic date, consider the following qualities when looking for the best romantic restaurant in St. Louis.


A romantic dining experience needs to have the right atmosphere! From table settings to lighting, you want to make sure that a romantic restaurant is setting the mood. Dark color palettes and dim lighting are typically known for bringing people closer. Also, look for seating that allows you to sit close. Instead of sitting across from one another, sit next to your date so that when the perfect moment arises, you can hold hands, or better yet, lean in for a kiss!


This may seem like a no brainer, but there are definitely certain dishes that create more of a romantic dining experience than others. Shared hors d’oeuvres and antipasto platters are a great way to initiate conversation and the feeling of togetherness. The same goes for a decadent dessert to complete your meal. Sharing a dish or two in a romantic restaurant can really bring the two of you together.


Perhaps the most important aspect of a romantic restaurant is the wine! Nothing makes a moment more special that popping the top off of a bottle of your favorite red or white. An extensive wine list – and in-house sommelier, if you can find one – is always a welcome, and albeit rather necessary addition to a romantic restaurant.

When planning a romantic date, finding the best romantic restaurant can be tough, especially if you’re out for a special occasion, like an engagement. Just pay attention to the few pointers mentioned above and we’re sure that you can find the perfect romantic restaurant!