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Wild Boar Ravioli

Wondering what to look for when searching for Italian restaurants near you? Like all cuisines, Italian food has it’s own span of variations. Tuscan Italian cuisine, from the region situated around Florence, is held in high regard due to it’s intense focus on quality ingredients.

“An excellent Tuscan Italian restaurant thrives on high-quality ingredients prepared in a straight forward and simple way,” says Bob Colosimo, General Manager of Eleven Eleven Mississippi.

Bob suggests looking for a few staple items in your Tuscan Italian food.

High-quality olive oil may seem like a no brainer when it comes to Italian food, but it is an integral part of this region. Also, be on the look out for milk cheeses like pecorino, truffle oil, and the wonderfully crunchy treat know as biscotti.

If you’re looking for the extra punch in Tuscan cuisine, try seeking out Italian restaurants carrying wild boar, chicken livers, and the ancient grain farrow, used in soups and risottos.

If you’re looking for the full Tuscan Italian experience, try Bob’s recommendations at Eleven Eleven Mississippi.

Start with the Fontina Fonduta, a traditional cheese fondue drizzled with truffle oil. Follow it with a Black Kale salad. This second course not only uses a unique variety of the healthy leafy plant, but also is grown by the Eleven Eleven staff in the restaurant’s garden.

For the grand main course, try the Wild Boar ravioli. Just as it should be, this high-quality ingredient is simply prepared for an amazing result! For dessert, one of the house-made ice creams or sorbets should do the trick. But if you’re looking for the ultimate way to end your Tuscan Italian food experience, try the apple caramel latté.

Of course, don’t forget to add a glass of wine to accompany your meal.

Buon appetito!